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The Production Process of Yoga Mats

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Update time : 2024-01-29 10:49:50

The production process of yoga mats can be divided into two types: traditional yoga mats and alignment yoga mats.

The production process of traditional yoga mats includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the slurry: Select the appropriate raw materials according to the formula and mix them to form a latex-like mixture.
  2. Machine adjustment and coating: This involves preheating the boiler, setting and adjusting parameters in different areas, and applying the slurry mixture onto the fabric.
  3. Coating: Stretch the fabric to the needle track, tighten and smooth it, and then apply the coating.
  4. High-temperature foaming: Use a needle plate to pull the coated fabric into a high-temperature chamber for foaming and shaping.
  5. Cooling and shaping: After the product is foamed and shaped, it is gradually cooled and shaped outside the chamber.
  6. Trimming: Adjust the distance of the rear cutter frame according to the order requirements to trim the product.

The production method of traditional yoga mats is simple, cost-effective, and can produce yoga mats that are soft, comfortable, with clear foam dots on the front and a flat back, which is aesthetically pleasing.

The production process of alignment yoga mats:

This is a high-tech production process, especially for yoga mats that provide both slip resistance and alignment guidance.

Historically, it is said that the early practitioners of yoga in India did not use yoga mats. They practiced on the ground, in the simplest of places, to establish a connection between body and mind, and between individuals and the universe. However, modern yoga practice has evolved significantly from ancient times, and yoga mats have become essential accessories. Yoga mats are made from special materials, unlike regular mats or carpets, and they provide slip resistance to prevent injuries to the spine, ankles, hips, knees, and other areas. There is also a mystical belief that yoga mats can act as insulators, preventing the energy generated during practice from being dissipated into the ground.

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